new show!

MONDAY – 12/6/2010 – @ Play Pause Replay, Grapevine TX, w/  HARD TIMES, PAPAYA, and JOEY KENDALL

Here’s the facebook event
First review of the new album is in, courtesy of Pegasus news

I also took down the old demos of “Flashbulb” and “A Voices” because they’re OLD NEWS. Studio versions of that song are on the bandcamp site, so listen to it there.

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Chambers of the Naxat – now available

Naxat is releasing the debut album “Chambers of the Naxat” today. Here’s the weird 3rd Person Press Release:

“Here it is, music lovers – the moment you haven’t been waiting for. Almost a full calendar year after it was announced, Alex Atchley finally releases the first full-length Naxat album, “Chambers of the Naxat”.  This is a modern electronic album that has nothing to do with any music trends of the last decade. Who cares what sounds influenced the album? The music speaks for itself. It is available for free right at this very moment, on to satisfy our ever-growing addiction to instant-gratification.”

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Shop Page News

The shop page should be up and running. E-mail me if you are having any problems with the paypal button.

Also, the album is done. I am working on artwork and thinking of something to name it. I’m ready to be done, and I’m sure all 3 of you are tired of me talking about it. It should be ready to go this time next week. Thanks for your patience.

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Wednesday, October 13

An evening of shredding:
Mose Giganticus
People Men

Other info: About 88% done recording the album. We’ve been mixing as we’ve been going, so we’re about 88% done mixing/mastering too.

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Forgot to mention here:

I guess its worth mentioning that I’m playing at Love and Reason in Arlington tonight. Also, I must have stepped into a time-portal back to 2001, because God’s Joke is playing. Eccotone and Star Commander round out this bill.

Also:  A live show staple, “Closed Hi-Hat” has been released on this wonderful compilation:

A Chip off the Shizz Block Volume 2

It includes many high quality tracks from my friends on The Shizz, such as Wizwars, Norrin Radd, and more! Get it here.

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New email address

Hey gang
Naxat can now be reached at

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Show in Carrollton this Sunday afternoon

Thanks to those of you who came out to the Tradewinds last night.  It was  a blast. Hope you enjoyed the new song!

Should have posted about this earlier, but I am playing this sunday in Carroltron.

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Now on Bandcamp! / at 1919 Hemphill TONIGHT

Friends in bands, check out sometime.  Its pretty awesome. I put The Tree Tunnel E.p. and some extra tracks up. I’m taking down the link to the myspace. I may or may not take down the myspace page. Fuck myspace. Its the internet equivalent of sticking your head in a trash dump filled with bands yelling at each other to check them out on itunes.


Also, I’m playing with my friends Division of Power and The Istics tonight at 1919 Hemphill St. Getchyerbuts out there now.

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Tradewinds Part 2

Like it says… Thursday May 13th at the Tradewinds . 9pm. Free – 2843 W. Davis St.   Dallas, TX, 75211

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