A long over due post

I’m sure that not many people come to the official naxat site for any information, as the facebook page takes care of most impulsive updates. Anyways, a lot has actually been happening.


- Back in October, I played a solo show in a basement in Olympia WA, and it was fun.

- This las tweek, I played a show w/ Mig50, Raub and Aaron Burke (of Minibosses fame) as naxat, and it was a blast. The PA kept cutting out on the backing tracks, making me swear I would never use them again! I wll have to use them again, but I don’t want to. Video of this show is in the media section, so get on over there.

- I have been writing new material.

- Shows in Olympia will be coming soon.

- I am going to put out a new EP by the end of this calendar year, and I am pretty sure it will be called The Killing Jape.

- I am starting work on a full-length album of video game cover songs. I have some good ideas about some mega-medleys I want to do as well as individual songs. The goal is to have some stuff released in time to make it back out to MAGFEST in D.C. in 2013.


naxat is a slow, grueling processes that takes many man hours – lots of notes, multitracking, what have you.


Thanks for checking in, and see you out on the road.





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