I keep forgetting to update this site.
I posted some shows I forgot to tell y’all about.


I have two shows coming up:


- 10/13/2013 – @ 1919 Hemphill. Fort Worth TX w/ Nicoffeine, Spacebeach, New Science Projects

- 10/17/2013 – @ CD Warehouse. Arlington TX w/ Cerulean Giallo (VISCERAL CUTS)


Visceral Cuts 2 Trailer:

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notes from beyond

we’re working on a new e.p… it will be called “stations at rest.” there will be a cassette tape. it will contain four songs. all but one of the songs are on the soundcloud, in demo form.

here is a video for “dangerous daughter,” a song of “stations at rest.”


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de futura

New software, new hardware. Everything I was working on in the past five years is completely inaccessible to me at the moment. That’s fine, though. To improve oneself requires drastic change – ripping it up and starting again. It may be a very long time before new naxat material surfaces. I listened to “Chambers of the Naxat” for the first time in at least a year, and while I am still fond of it, both in composition and production, I know I can do better. I know I can do a lot better. The album is only three years old, but it sounds older than that to me. I listened to “The Killing Jape,” which is only a few months old, and already, I am dismayed at the production quality, though it is a slight step in the right direction from “Chambers.”


The next album will be called “musik von naxat.”
Always forward, never backward. See you in a few years, maybe?


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naxat returns to fort worth

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the killing jape

the killing jape e.p. is now ready for immediate consumption

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A long over due post

I’m sure that not many people come to the official naxat site for any information, as the facebook page takes care of most impulsive updates. Anyways, a lot has actually been happening.


- Back in October, I played a solo show in a basement in Olympia WA, and it was fun.

- This las tweek, I played a show w/ Mig50, Raub and Aaron Burke (of Minibosses fame) as naxat, and it was a blast. The PA kept cutting out on the backing tracks, making me swear I would never use them again! I wll have to use them again, but I don’t want to. Video of this show is in the media section, so get on over there.

- I have been writing new material.

- Shows in Olympia will be coming soon.

- I am going to put out a new EP by the end of this calendar year, and I am pretty sure it will be called The Killing Jape.

- I am starting work on a full-length album of video game cover songs. I have some good ideas about some mega-medleys I want to do as well as individual songs. The goal is to have some stuff released in time to make it back out to MAGFEST in D.C. in 2013.


naxat is a slow, grueling processes that takes many man hours – lots of notes, multitracking, what have you.


Thanks for checking in, and see you out on the road.





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Greetings from Stupidville


Bad Times has been active and doing shit. Naxat has not been… until… now.

More stuff coming soon. Why don’t you head over to the bandcamp for a special treat to tide you over?


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Good Bye, DFW

At the end of March, I will be moving to Olympia, WA.

The show on the 29th was awesome. Pictures are up on the Facebook page.

It’s been a good one, DFW.

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Take five, guys.

First of all, QuickDFW just published this article about naxat.

I definitely am not abandoning  this “band” anytime soon, but after the show on the 29th, I am taking a break. I have been playing about twice a month since beginning the tour, and have not made time to work on any new music. writing a naxat song is a long, sometimes tedious process, but the results pay off (at least enough to satisfy my own ego).  New music is being worked on, just not for this project. Not sure how much time I’m taking off. Until then, listen to this amazing song by The Jam:

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Good Bye, Myspace

I am not sad to report that naxat’s myspace profile is gone, or rather, it will be gone in about 24/48 hours. If you are trying to link people to anything naxat related, this is the place to do it.

Added another show, too:

Current shows:
- MONDAY – 12/6/2010 – @ Play Pause Replay, Grapevine TX, w/ HARD TIMES, PAPAYA, and JOEY KENDALL
- WEDNESDAY – 12/29/2010 @ 1919 Hemphill St, Fort Worth TX w/ Eccotone, New Science Projects, Two Knights, Space Beach

MONDAY – 12/6/2010 – @ Play Pause Replay, Grapevine TX, w/  HARD TIMES, PAPAYA, and JOEY KENDALL

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