First and most importantly of all, GM4A would like to thank all the musicians that contributed to this compilation. Without their hard work and support none of this would have been possible.
Doctor Octoroc for all the amazing artwork and helping me out when I had no idea how to do a multitude of things.
The Shizz forums and the Rhyme Torrents boards for being great places to find wonderful musicians and artists.
Hex and, Alex Atchley and and also Category for hosting all our files and being great friends.
Z. (and Hex again) for the moral support and pointing me in the right direction when looking for musicians to be on this compilation. Also for getting the word out on the album to their loyal and wonderful readers.
Chris Holland for mastering the album, and making it sound as sonically sweet as it does.
Z., Hex, vPn, Leeni, Chris Holland, WordBurglar, Sir-Up, Brian, My Parent’s Favorite Music, Pixelh8, Spamtron, 8 bit w0nder, Alex Atchley, all my fellow Bossies, Kenley, Jephso, Dom, sli, Jake, Corey, and once again all the musicians on this compilation, for everyones support, help, and friendship!