Dick-Attack 2011

We have a  show tonight at 1919 Hemphill st.

Our full length album, Why Are All The Kids Crying is now half-recorded. We are really excited about it. It’s dirty and cheap, like good Mexican food.

Fort Worth rules, Olympia drools.

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Bad Times Radio Episode 1


It’s a mix of shit I like. Maybe you’ll like it too. Maybe not. Nothing surprising here.


Download here

The Equals – Police On My Back
Jackie Wilson – Higher and Higher
Orange Juice – Rip it up (12″ version)
100 Flowers – Haunted (youtube rip)
Protex – Don’t Ring Me Up
Dickies – Howdy Doody In the Woodshed II
Guided By Voices – Ha Ha Man
Outkast – B.O.B.
The Fucking Champs – Summer Knights
The Vapors – News at Ten
I Hate You When You’re Pregnant – Dollar Tree
Dum Dum Girls – There is A Light That Never Goes Out
The Cure – Close to me (live, Paris)
The Buzzcocks – Why Can’t I Touch It
Two-Mix – Just Communication

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Bad Times at 1919 Hemphill St. on 09/10/11

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Dallas Gig…

Bad Times with The Hack and Slashers and Commie Hilfiger @ Pastime Tavern, Dallas TX. September 17th, $5, 21+

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Album Title Announcement.

Hey Kids,

The next album will be called WHY ARE ALL THE KIDS CRYING?

(not the album art)

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Bad Future Plans

So, if you follow us on facebook, where I usually update, you’ll know that there are a TON of new demos in the media section. In addition, we have plans to record a full-length album in September in the sleepy/bummer town of Denton, TX. There might also be a video. Who knows? Album is priority #1.

We will also be playing shows in TX in Sept, Nov and Dec. E-mail us if you want us to play, I’ll get back with you soon.

As far as Olympia WA goes uhh… not a lot is going on, except for the fact that i’m staying busy writing songs. We don’t have a place to practice, so we don’t have a way to perform live right now.  Not that anyone in Olympia gives a rat’s ass about us here.

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New Demo + The Future of Bad Times

Hey there,
We played a show at The Pizza House, last minute in Fort Worth. And it was great. I live in Olympia, WA, were, I will soldier on with the Bad Times name. I would prefer to keep the same line up,but its unpossible now.  Anyways, here are two pictures from those shows:

I miss those guys already.

Head on over to the media section for a demo of a new jam called “Walls.” Thanks! We’re not dead!

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Post Punk Depression now on bandcamp


Big thanks to Ryan and Donovan for performing on it, Michael for mastering, and of course Peter Hawkinson for recording and mixing this thing.

This album is dedicated to Mark Hellberg.

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New Shows, New Media

We have two shows coming up in Fort Worth, check out the show page to get more info. One is at 1919 Hemphill and one is at The Pizza House, next door.

In addition, I put the rough mix of “Fuck Peter Hook” up on the media page as well as our new bandcamp page, which will have the full album streaming for free once it is done being mixed and mastered. I also took down the demo versions, which we will re-release and rehash back to our fans in about 10-20 years.

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We recorded something.

Bad Times has recorded … again. It’s sounding nice and ratty. Rough mixes have been distributed to all parties involved, mixing and mastering should begin soon.

It’s an EP.

Here’s what we’re using as a mix reference:

Also, you should get this album, because, frankly, its perfect.

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