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This is where Alex’s comics are posted, blogs happen too… maybe.


About the comics

This site isn’t just for one comic. No sir! Instead of having multiple sites dedicated to different comics, all of Atchley’s comics are right here. Aside from random non-serial comics there is…

The Lovecube Saga – short depictions of a world populated by cube-shaped people who have horrible things happen to them.

Wizard, Please recounts the exploits of a greedy wizard and his idiot friends, an Elf and a Dwarf.  They are bastards.


About The Artist/Author guy

Alex Atchley has been drawing for a long time, but mostly has kept it to himself. Here are things he draws free hand, scans them, and tries to pass them off as “art.” Maybe you will find them humorous. Maybe you will try to end your life. Don’t do that.

If this was a band site, he might list his “primary influences,” but that’s stupid.


Oh baby.