I guess I am a cartoonist now.

I struggled with drawing for a long time as I felt it wasn’t good enough to be taken seriously. As I have been on an artistic spree lately, I felt it was time to make this happen, and while I’m no Jack Kirby, Herge, Moebius or Bill Watterson, but I think I have something worth sharing. I have been given a gift to be creative and prolific and I would be an idiot to squander them.  This site will host ALL my comic works, not just a singular thing. It will be random non-sequential non-linear bits, “The Lovecube Saga,” which are stories about the horrible day-to-days little cube-shaped people who speak untranslatable gibberish, and “Wizard, Please” which are one-panel and sequential stories about a greedy wizard and his dungeon-delving friends.

I plan on updating on Monday, Wednesdays and Fridays… even though it is Tuesday. See ya later.